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Hamilton Concrete, Asphalt and Foundation Repair

We are Hamilton’s premier concrete, asphalt and cement finishing company that specializes in the latest technological advancements in our industry. %80 of our business comes from referral and we enjoy fulfilling all residential and commercial jobs and offer the best structural foundation repair costs in the city.

Foundation Waterproofing is a Must!

We have been seeing more transitional and difficult weather these days and a lot of rain in the spring and summertime, which means if your basement, crawl space or home is unprotected or you haven’t hired a basement waterproofing contractor to look at your property in a while, your home may be in jeopardy. Moisture leads to mould and mildew and the eventual deterioration of your residential concrete foundation. Preventative measures must be taken sooner than later and Reevests Concrete Repair and Construction can handle basement leak repairs, water proofing your foundation, concrete crack repair, damp crawl space repair and assessment of leaking basement repairs.

A Proven Track Record in Basement Water Proofing

We have been servicing the Hamilton, ON region for 25 years and have been hailed as the top foundation drainage contractors offering the most affordable basement waterproofing estimates in the city. Referrals are always appreciated and usually warranted after we complete a job properly and show our expertise as the sought after leaking basement companies in Ontario.



Hire the Professionals for Crawl Space Repairs

We are engineers and specialists. We are an elite team of concrete contractors in Hamilton, and offer a new division of foundation drainage experts. Our house foundation contractors are always available and since time is of the essence when your families health is at risk, we offer emergency services to assist families with flooding and basement moisture problems.

Exterior Foundational Problems leads to Interior Structural Issues

It does make complete sense and with a lot of older homes in our city, there are a lot of old building practises that need to be looked at and modernized. We do offer free estimates so please call us in advance, before the rainy season or any unpredictable weather in the summer months, and we will gladly speak to you about your house’s limited concerns and major leak repair costs that may present themselves in the near future.

Please contact us for all of your concrete and foundation construction needs — our team prides themselves on being prompt, precise and practical! Let’s eliminate our homes of wetness and moisture together,

The Reevest Concrete & Construction team,